The business leadership of Holtec Government Services consists of a group of distinguished professionals with in-depth experience in  commercial nuclear and federal nuclear projects. The executives listed on this page constitute our Executive Council led by the Chairman. The Executive Council provides the oversight over the sales, marketing and project execution activities. Decisions can be made by majority vote but are, in practice, collegial, and unanimous.

Pierre Oneid

Pierre Paul Oneid


Mr. Pierre Paul Oneid is the Senior Vice President of Holtec International, and President of Holtec Government Services. Mr. Oneid earned an Executive Master of Business Administration from Queens University in Canada in 1998 and a B.A. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ottawa, Canada in 1981. Mr. Oneid is a Professional Engineer with thirty-four years of experience in the Nuclear Industry, including twelve years in mechanical and structural design, eight years in Business Development, and fourteen years in Executive Positions. He is a member of NEI, Nuclear Strategic Initiative Advisory Committee (NSIAC), and NEI, Suppliers Advisory Committee (SAC).

Mr. Oneid is the corporate executive responsible for the Nuclear Power Division, and the Heat Transfer Division. Mr. Oneid views himself as Holtec’s transformation executive with the mission to imbue the company with a “Customer First Customer Foremost” ethos through which he seeks to deepen the company’s relationships with its clients using a core group of the company’s personnel dedicated to strengthening service and responsiveness. He also serves as the Chairman of the Holtec International’s Executive Committee.

Joy R. Russell

Executive Vice President

Ms. Russell has been professionally committed to the nuclear industry since 1989 with direct or consulting stints in the government including the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, State, and in later years, in the private sector.  Ms. Russell is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point (1986) and holds a Masters in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville (1989).

As a graduate of the United States Military Academy, Ms. Russell brings a distinctive leadership style to Holtec Government Services.  Ms. Russell served eight years of active duty in the U.S. Army as a Nuclear Medical Science Officer where she functioned, among other assignments, as the Radiation Safety Officer for the decommissioning of the U.S. Army Material Command, Watertown Arsenal research reactor and the decommissioning of the Watertown Arsenal facility contaminated with radiological material and hazardous waste.  Ms. Russell also served one year each as a consultant to DOE’s Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management and Assistant Radiation Safety Officer at the University of Maryland at Baltimore.

Ms. Russell joined Holtec in 1997 performing technical support work in both field services and nuclear analysis organizations.  She performed nuclear analyses in the early stages of licensing Holtec International’s pioneering HI-STORM 100 System for dry spent fuel storage of used nuclear fuel.  Ms. Russell rose steadily through the ranks at Holtec International culminating in being named Executive Vice President of HGS in 2017. Ms. Russell is a member of Holtec’s Executive Committee which is tasked with devising policies and procedures that govern the interaction amongst various Holtec subsidiaries and affiliates.

Myron M. Kaczmarsky

Managing Director

Mr. Kaczmarsky has 40 years of experience in the nuclear industry, in responsible positions of business development, project management, and operations for the design, installation, startup, and operation of nuclear systems and facilities as well as the decommissioning and remediation of nuclear facilities for commercial and government customers. Following the acquisition of CB&I Stone & Webster by Westinghouse, Myron served as the Senior Director for Business Development to re-establish Westinghouse in the US DOE market for prime and Tier 2 contracts. Previous positions included; Senior Director for Business Development for CB&I Stone & Webster responsible for capturing and negotiating new nuclear plant EPC and Owner’s Engineer contracts in domestic and international markets; Senior Director for Business Development and Marketing for Shaw Power Nuclear responsible for capturing and negotiating EPC contracts for new AP1000 and ABWR nuclear power plants;; Vice President for Business Development and Marketing for Bartlett Nuclear Holdings; and Vice President for US DOE Operations and Business Development for Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure.

Mr. Kaczmarsky supported the Fukushima Daiichi incident recovery in Japan, providing solutions for treatment of contaminated water and preparing waste disposition strategies for the decommissioning plan. He also served as Director of Waste Management and Radiation Protection for the Maine Yankee decommissioning project. He developed the waste management program and disposition plans for the Maine Yankee, Millstone, and Connecticut Yankee decommissioning projects. He was Project Manager for the West Valley Demonstration Project Vitrification Facility ORR and Startup, Project Manager for the Replacement HLW Evaporator project at SRS, and Engineering Manager for Hanford Tank 101-SY remediation project.

Mr. Kaczmarsky was first appointed by the US Secretary of Commerce in March 2013 and then again in 2015 and 2017, to serve on the Civil Nuclear Trade Advisory Committee, involved in the promotion of US civil nuclear products and services to international markets. A member of the American Nuclear Society, Myron received his Bachelors and Master’s Degrees in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Virginia (1978 & 1979), and completed the Advanced Leadership Program at Rice University (2015). He has authored over 20 publications and presentations on the advancement of nuclear energy, nuclear facility construction, and radioactive waste management.

Donald A. Beckman

Executive Chairman

Mr. Beckman has forty-five years of experience in the management, operation, maintenance, design, and regulation of nuclear power plants, spent nuclear fuel and nuclear waste, and US Department of Energy nuclear research and defense facilities. Mr. Beckman has also managed the assignments of Beckman & Associates, Inc. consultants in a variety of utility and governmental projects involving technical and managerial issues, and US DOE facilities and commercial power plants with regulatory performance issues since 1984.

Early in his career, he was a licensed engineering officer and operator/shift supervisor on the Nuclear Ship Savannah; a shipyard reactor plant chief test engineer; and a commercial power plant startup/test manager. As part of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff, he oversaw control room operations at TMI-2 immediately following the accident and was a senior resident inspector and engineering manager at US NRC Region I.

Since 1984, he has been the president and principal consultant of Beckman & Associates, providing technical, scientific, quality expert witness, and nuclear organization management consulting to the US DOE, the US NRC and private sector customers. These engagements have frequently included acting in senior manager roles matrixed into utility and client organizations.

Ed Mayer

Program Director, HI-STORE CISF

Ed Mayer is a Program Director at Holtec International, where he is responsible for the Consolidated Interim Storage Facility in southeastern New Mexico. The facility will address the Nation’s spent nuclear fuel issue with the safest technology licensed by the USNRC.   He is also responsible for the construction of the Holtec Technology Campus in Camden, NJ. The $320M project is aimed to help revitalize the City of Camden, a former bastion of technology and manufacturing. Prior to these roles at Holtec, Mayer served 28 years in the U.S. Submarine Force where he commanded the USS Oklahoma City (SSN-723) and USS Florida (SSGN-728). He is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University where he earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.