Holtec’s Inherently Safe Modular Reactor SMR-160+

Building on Holtec’s vast experience of delivering cutting-edge technologies to the global nuclear energy industry over the past 25 years, SMR is committed to delivering to the world a safe, secure, reliable, clean and affordable small modular nuclear reactor – SMR-160+.

The principal technical mission of SMR-160+ is “safety and security first.” Located deep underground, SMR-160+’s robustly designed core is protected from cataclysmic environmental phenomena and malevolent human intervention. It is designed to provide an unfailingly safe and economical source of clean energy from nuclear fission, SMR-160+ incorporates passive features in its operation to ensure utmost safety and reliability.

Because of its inherent safety and security, SMR-160+ will be used by governments to protect their critical infrastructure such as research facilities and military bases. Because of its modest size, SMR-160+ will merit use in cogeneration, district heating, and as a source of reliable power to remote locations.

The operational simplicity and modest outlay required to commission and operate SMR-160+ will make it an ideal solution to deliver pollution-free nuclear energy to developing countries, help expand reliable and affordable supplies of energy for developed nations and sustain economic growth worldwide.

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