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Small Reactors Are the Future of Nuclear Energy
Small Reactors Will Benefit from 50 Years of Nuclear Industry’s Operating Experience

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SMR-160 at Age 10

We mark the tenth anniversary of the birth of our SMR-160 small modular reactor this month buoyed by the thought that its promise to render nuclear energy generation as benign as solar and wind – its kindred carbon free technologies – has been realized in full measure.

2019 in Review

We bid a fond goodbye to 2019 which will stand out in our company’s annals as a watershed year when we began the implementation of several new ambitious initiatives that will shape our endeavors for decades to come.

The Holtec Advisory Council Meeting on SMR-160 Marked by Several Major Milestone Developments

The winter meeting of the Holtec Advisory Council for SMR-160 was attended by invited industry experts from several leading organizations, including Bruce Power, Energoatom (Ukraine), Entergy, Exelon Generation, Southern, Talen Energy, NEI, SNC-Lavalin, Mitsubishi Electric, and several major suppliers which constituted a robust review team encompassing virtually all aspects of the SMR-160 program.

Dr. Richard Springman, Vice President of International Projects

Reprising 2018

At Holtec, 2018 will be remembered as the year when the Company’s four-year quest to launch its decommissioning program reached a successful milestone.

Reprising 2017: A Watershed Year for Holtec International

The year 2017 will be remembered as a momentous year for our Company; it is the year when our 50-acre technology campus consisting of two heavy manufacturing plants and a modern seven-story office building on the Delaware River waterfront in the city of Camden opened for business.


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