By: C. Shahravan, A.I. Soler

Publisher: Transactions of the ASME

Year: 1978

Abstract: The effect of an elastic-perfectly plastic foundation on compressive load carrying capacity of beam columns is considered. The configuration studied simulates a power plant condenser support plate acting as a column member to support the condenser walls against excessive deformation due to vacuum pressure. The yielding foundation represents the effect of the condenser tube bundle which can resist support plate bending through frictional action between the plate and the tubes. The equation governing lateral motion of the beam column is developed in rate form using the Green’s function for an elastic beam column. An approximate incremental solution is obtained enabling the load-deformation history of the beam column to be studied incorporating elastic-plastic loading and unloading of the foundation. “Failure” is assumed to occur when the maximum stress in the beam column reaches a preset allowable design value.

Citation: Shahravan, C. & Soler, A.I.. “Load-Deformation Behavior of Elastic Beam-Columns on Yielding Foundations.” J. Eng. Power. Jan 1978, 100(1): 182-188 (7 pages)