The Krishna P. Singh Technology Campus was developed by HTC, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Holtec International. The Campus occupies approximately 50 acres of the land on the left bank of the Delaware river in south Camden where the famed New York Shipyard (now a major cargo port operated by the South Jersey Port Authority) once stood. The site is framed by the Ben Franklin Bridge to the north, the Walt Whitman Bridge to the south, and the Philadelphia center city skyline to the west.

In establishing the Krishna P. Singh Technology Campus, Holtec International seeks to recapture South Jersey’s faded glory as a bastion of manufacturing and, in a larger measure, to help resuscitate America’s shrunken base of heavy manufacturing.

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To learn more about the history and heritage of New York Ship, visit the Holtec International sponsored website at

The Krishna P. Singh Technology Campus consists of two large manufacturing plants, a seven story corporate engineering center, a system test facility (without nuclear fuel), and support installations like a training center, non-destructive testing laboratory, and corporate apartments. All shops, laboratories, and facilities within the Campus are state-of-the-art. In particular, the manufacturing plant is configured to incorporate the latest in fabrication machinery and information management software to enable precision manufacturing of large and complex weldments such as those that will be required to assemble Holtec’s small modular reactor, SMR-160+, currently under development by the Company.

According to Holtec’s Executive Committee, the pragmatic business development policies of New Jersey’s political leadership and its implementation by the state’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) played a major role in Holtec’s decision to site the Krishna P. Singh Technology Campus in Camden.

Holtec International has established a comprehensive apprenticeship program to train local youths to learn manufacturing skills to operate advanced machinery. The apprenticeship program was coordinated with the City of Camden as well as with the local high schools and vocational schools.

With its ready access to the Atlantic Ocean through the deep water port on the Delaware River, the manufacturing plant at the HTC complements Holtec’s existing plant in Pittsburgh which is constrained from building large hardware because of lack of an adjacent deep water port facility. With Interstate 676 running immediately to the east side of the Campus and a ConRail spur reaching into the shop, the manufacturing plant is well positioned to be conveniently served by road, rail, and water.

The new corporate engineering center serves as the crucible of innovation enabled by a critical mass of technical talent consisting of hundreds of engineers in various technical disciplines working together to produce new technologies that have historically undergirded Holtec’s business success. HTC’s manufacturing plants serve to give embodiment to the innovations conceived and nurtured by the engineers a few hundred yards away. The raid, rail, and waterway links will give the Krishna P. Singh Technology Campus the means to readily transport the manufactured goods to the rest of the world.

The entire Campus operates under Holtec’s world class nuclear quality program and the widely celebrated safety & project management regimen that have consistently distinguished Holtec as a stand-out turnkey executor of complex projects across the globe.

Seven Roles of the Krishna P. Singh Technology Campus

  1. Establish an invigorating eco-system for catalyzing innovation and thus ensure continuation of Holtec’s technology leadership, by bringing together a critical core of specialists in design, analysis, fabrication, automation and site services in close proximity at the Campus.
  2. Establish a world class manufacturing plant that will employ the latest machinery for computer-aided manufacturing and thus define a new plateau of quality & workmanship.
  3. Serve as the incubation center for scale model demonstration of Holtec’s small modular reactor.
  4. Serve as an engine of Renaissance for sophisticated manufacturing in the region and as an example for the rest of the Country.
  5. Demonstrate that a durable revival of a poor city is possible through infusion of technology, close cooperation between private enterprise, local community leadership, and the state government.
  6. Create a gainful career path for people in the South Jersey region, especially Camden’s residents.
  7. Establish a world class training center for both plant workers and young engineers to strengthen design & manufacturing literacy in the Company’s workforce.