Holtec International Storage Module Flood and Wind


HI-STORM FW (Holtec International Storage Module Flood and Wind) is Holtec International’s highest capacity Multi-Purpose Canister (MPC) system for the dry storage of used nuclear fuel. HI-STORM FW is designed to provide physical protection of the used fuel, radiation shielding, and passive heat removal during interim storage. HI-STORM FW maintains the MPC in the vertical orientation in a concrete overpack; minimizing the size of the Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) and enabling efficient cooling through natural convection.

The HI-STORM FW dry cask storage system consists of interchangeable sealed metallic MPCs; MPC-37 (PWR fuel) or MPC-89 (BWR fuel), which contain the fuel in the Metamic™-HT basket; a vertically ventilated storage overpack constructed from a combination of steel and concrete, which contains the MPC during interim storage; and a variable weight transfer cask (HI-TRAC VW) which contains the MPC during loading, unloading, and transfer operations. Providing structural and radiation protection of the MPC, the Variable Weight feature offers sites the flexibility to optimize the HI-TRAC design to meet the cask handling crane capacity limitations.

The HI-STORM FW dry cask storage system was licensed by the U.S. NRC under Docket 72-1032 in 2011. Amendment 0 is the current Certificate of Compliance (CoC) amendment. The CoC expires in 2051, validating the 40 year life of the HI-STORM FW dry cask storage system.


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