Southeastern New Mexico is the ideal location for Holtec’s HI-STORE Consolidated Interim Storage Facility (CISF). The HI-STORE CISF will be located on a small and isolated portion of a thousand acres of undeveloped ELEA land that is geologically stable, with a dry and arid climate that is ideal for the underground dry fuel storage system. The project will create jobs for local workers, boosting local incomes that will lead to an improvement in the local infrastructure. Furthermore, the New Mexico populace is highly-educated in the nuclear industry, with a proven and safe history of shaping America’s nuclear energy development. 

Southeastern New Mexico is the nation’s nuclear corridor, with a developed and supportive public for nuclear projects beginning with the WIPP facility, followed by the URENCO enrichment facility, and in the near future, the HI-STORE CISF.

Holtec International and the New Mexico Building and Construction Trade Council (Council) have agreed to establish a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) to provide workers and craftsmen to construct the HI-STORE CISF. Under the terms of the Commitment Agreement, Holtec will award the construction work exclusively to a general contractor who agrees to implement the terms of the PLA, creating well-paying jobs in the region. “This project deserves the best construction workers the state has to offer. We are proud to provide a steady and reliable source of skilled laborers who will ensure that the facility is of world-class quality,” said Brian Condit, Executive Director of New Mexico Building and Construction Trades Council. 

The Holtec/ELEA (Eddy Lea Energy Alliance) Team has tremendous state and local support and consent. “We are gratified by the overwhelming community support that led Holtec to accept ELEA’s invitation to come to New Mexico. The Agreement with the Council further cements the local contribution to the project and ensures that the local communities and the State of New Mexico will greatly benefit from it. This project is important for economic development of the Southeast region of New Mexico and this agreement demonstrates our long-term commitment to the region and New Mexico,” says Joy Russell, Senior Vice-President and Chief Strategy Officer.

Holtec and ELEA expect the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to decide on the license for the HI-STORE CISF in spring of 2021; construction could start soon after the NRC license is granted. Speaking to the many benefits of the HI-STORE CISF, ELEA Chairman Mr. John Heaton confirms, “This project has zero impact on the oil and gas industry in our area. The micro-seismic effects from drilling and fracking underneath the site for hydrocarbons that are one to two miles beneath the surface will have no impact on the surface or the project. We look forward to working closely with the oil and gas industry to assure them we in no way impede their oil and gas recovery.”