The answer to the question why CIS should be established at all lies in the national security and public health and safety considerations. It is evident that aggregating the used fuel from all 75 sites at a consolidated facility would make the task of securing them from known and unknown threats much easier. Storing the canisters in a canister-friendly climate such as New Mexico’s will remove their vulnerability to salt air corrosion saving the economy hundreds of millions of dollars in averted aging management costs and remedial programs. The HI-STORE CIS, therefore, is a national safety and security imperative.

From the local perspective, the HI-STORE CIS presents the ultimate in environmental justice and economic stimulation to the host communities: It is hard to identify a new industry like the CIS which produces no pollution of any kind, presents no threat to the environment, produces no industrial effluents, is totally passive (without any machinery vulnerable to accidents), is essentially impregnable to damage and brings new marketable human skills to the host community!

As other nations face the fuel storage challenge like us, the adoption of the CIS technology is gathering momentum around the world which is accelerating Holtec’s activities in this emerging business sector. The HI-STORE CIS in New Mexico will lead to centralizing of Holtec’s growing global CIS business in New Mexico which would create well-paying local job opportunities and infusion of new technical knowhow.