By: K.P. Singh, Alan I. Soler and Charles Bullard

Publisher: PATRAM 2004

Year: 2004

Abstract: An impact limiter is an essential appurtenance in a Part 71 transport package. The impact limiter serves to protect the cask contents from excessive deceleration in the event of a mechanical accident. 10CFR71.73 (as do the IAEA regulations) specifies a drop height of 9 meters (30 feet) onto an essentially rigid surface as the design requirement for the impact limiter.

The orientation of the cask relative to the “target” at the instance of the impact, however, is not specified in the regulations. Therefore, the impact limiter must be capable of limiting the cask’s deceleration to a prescribed limit regardless of the cask’s orientation at impact. In addition to the indeterminacy with respect to the orientation at impact, the impact limiter must be capable of performing its intended function under a wide range of ambient conditions, ranging from –20oF to 100oF, and relative humidity from zero to 100%.

Citation: Singh, K., Soler, A. & Bullard, C. “Validation of an Impact Limiter Crush Prediction Model with Test Data: The Case of the HI-STAR 100 Package,” PATRAM 2004, Berlin, Germany (2004).