By: A.I. Soler and K.P. Singh

Publisher: Nuclear Engineering and Design

Year: 1984

Abstract: Seismic analysis of free standing submerged racks is complicated by the presence of water and structural non-linearities such as fuel assembly cell impact and floor interface friction. A direct time integration technique has been proposed to analyze this class of structures. Application of the time integration technique on a fourteen degree of freedom lumped mass model of the rack reveals some heretofore unpublished quirks in the structure’s behavior. The method of analysis is utilized to compare the seismic response of some representative rack designs. Results show wide differences in the structural response, depending on the fabrication details of racks.

Citation: Soler, A. & Singh, K. “Seismic Response of Free-Standing Fuel Rack Constructions to 3-D Motions.” Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol. 80, pp. 315-329 (1984).