By: K.P. Singh, Alan I. Soler and Mark G. Smith

Publisher: INMM Meeting

Year: 1998

Abstract: Spent fuel storage casks installed on reinforced concrete pads must be qualified for kinematic stability and stress compliance under the postulated Design Basis Earthquake for the facility. A dynamic analysis method to predict the response of a loaded cask subjected to 3-D seismie excitation is presented in this paper. The methodology permits parametric evaluation of variables such as cask-to-pad friction coefficient, MPC-to-overpack gap, basket stiffness, and fuel compliance characteristics. A set of acceptance criteria to ensure stability with a large margin of safety are also proposed for possible adoption by the regulatory authorities.

Citation: Singh, K., Soler, A. & Smith, M. “Seismic Response Characteristics of HI-STAR 100 Cask System on Storage Pads,” INMM Meeting, 1998.