By: K.P. Singh

Published: Journal of the Franklin Institute

Year: 1976

Abstract: From the standpoint of flow induced vibrations, U-bends of tubular heat exchangers constitute structurally one of the most vulnerable regions. The U-bends possess relatively low out-of-plane frequency enabling them to extract energy from the shell stream at low flow velocities. All published correlations in the literature imply the existence of a direct relationship between the flow velocities and the incidence of large ampitude tube vibrations. Hence it is important to determine the velocity profile in the U-bend region accurately. A method to obtain an engineering solution is proposed herein which may be utilized in conjunction with the available correlations to reliably predict the possibility of vibration. Determination of the flow profile may be further utilized to improve the estimates of shellside heat transfer coefficients.

Citation: Singh, K. “Predicting Flow Induced Vibration in U-Bend Regions of Heat Exchangers – An Engineering Solution,” Journal of the Franklin Institute, Vol. 302, No. 2, 195-205, August 1976.