By: Gary T. Tjersland

Publisher: The 5th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering

Year: 1997

Abstract: Building upon over ten years of experience in the supply of high-density spent fuel rack systems, Holtec International has developed the MPC-based HI-STAR and HI-STORM spent fuel management systems. These systems provide a high-capacity, low-cost solution to the long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel.

Building upon current transport and storage cask designs and operational systems, Holtec has optimized proven design principles to address multi-purpose canister (MPC) based system requirements.

The paper provides an overview of the major system components, discusses unique design features, and the improved operational characteristics of the HI-STAR and HI-STORM systems.

Citation: Tjersland, G. “HI-STAR/HI-STORM: Multi-Purpose Canister Based Systems for Transport and Storage,” The 5th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering, 1997