By: Robert Moscardini, Gary Tjersland and David Elias

Publisher: INMM Spent Fuel Management Seminar XV

Year: 1998

Abstract: A good deal of the present frustration with the spent fuel storage cask supply has centered around problems with manufacturing and operation of unproven technologies ( coated carbon steel in boric acid water environment, defective steel welding procedures, untested NDE techniques, excessive grinding and wall thinning of canister walls, defective concrete pours ….. ). Combine with this the fact that no one has ever built an Multiple Purpose Canister (MPC) system and the potential for failure becomes readily apparent. With the challenge of making such a system under the most rigorous code (ASME Section III, NB) requirements and under the watchful eye of the NRC, and it is also apparent that construction of a full-scale prototype would facilitate this undertaking by proving out production and quality assurance processes before starting production of the Commonwealth Edison/ Holtec International HI-STAR 100 and MPC-68 dry storage casks for the Dresden Unit 1 Decommissioning project.

Citation: Moscardini, R., Tjersland, G. & Elias, D. “HI-STAR 100 and MPC-68 Full-Scale Prototype Fabrication,” INMM Spent Fuel Management Seminar XV, 1998.