By: A.I. Soler

Published: American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Year: 1978

Abstract: The field equations governing structural behavior of double tubesheet configurations are formulated using beam-column and plate theory including shear deformation. The resulting system of equations is valid for arbitrary spacing between the tubesheets and includes all component interactions. The twelve coupled first-order ordinary differential equations, involving six force and moment resultants, and six deformation variables, are solved using direct integration. Numerical results are obtained which emphasize the importance of some typical system parameters. Particular attention is focused on shear and bending in the tubes due to differential in-plane thermal gromh of the tubesheets.

Citation: Soler, A. “Analysis of Closely Spaced Double Tubesheets Under Mechanical and Thermal Loadings.” American Society of Mechanical Engineers, New York, NY, 1978.