By: Alan I. Soler and K.P. Singh

Published: International Journal of Vessel and Piping

Year: 1987

Abstract: The tubesheet in a U-tube heat exchanger with integral shell and channel joints may develop high discontinuity stresses at these joints. Evaluation of the structural support provided by the shell and the channel to the tubesheet must consider the possibility of plastic hinges at the shell/tubesheet and channel/tubesheet joints. An incremental elastic-plastic analysis is herein presented which treats the formation of the plastic hinge in a systematic and conservative manner. A practical, somewhat more conservative, design procedure is also proposed for possible inclusion in the ASME Code, Section VIII Div. I rules.

Citation: Soler, A. & Singh, K. “An Elastic-Plastic Analysis of the Integral Tubesheet in U-Tube Heat Exchangers – Towards an ASME Code Oriented Approach,” Int. Journal of Vessel and Piping (1987).