By: K.P. Singh and Max DeLong

Publisher: INMM Meeting

Year: 1998

Abstract: Holtec International’s quest in the early ’90s to identify the most suitable basket design for implementation in the company’s HI-STAR™ and HI-STORM™ systems led to a series of analyses of previously used basket design concepts. Among the analyses carried out were structural evaluations of the old basket designs under typical storage mode and transport mode loads. In this paper, we present results of our findings which revealed some serious weaknesses in the prior-art designs. The structural analyses which led the company to reject both “box and disk” and “plug welded box” design concepts are fully described in this paper. The information presented in this paper should help cask designers of multi-purpose casks avoid the design concepts with intrinsic weaknesses.

Citation: Singh, K. & DeLong, M. “A Structural Assessment of Candidate Fuel Basket Designs for Storage and Transport of Spent Nuclear Fuel,” INMM Meeting, 1998.