Leading a group of allied companies called Team Holtec, Holtec International provides an innovative approach to decommissioning of shuttered nuclear power plants. We call this approach Proto-Prompt Decon or PPD in short. PPD relies on Holtec’s high capacity, high heat load canisters that are made with the extremely conductive Metamic-HT basket material. This enables used fuel to be placed in dry storage in as little as two years after the reactor is shutdown. The super-fast defueling of the Part 50 facility along with judicious use of robots to perform hazardous tasks paves the way for PPD.

The Team Holtec companies represent an alliance of North America’s most celebrated nuclear service companies. With cutting edge expertise in complementary areas, this alliance can carry out a complex decommissioning program with minimum aggregate dose to personnel and utmost safety. Each member company is an ace in its field.

Proto-Prompt Decommissioning (PPD) is the obverse of what the industry calls SAFSTOR. SAFSTOR consists of leaving the nuclear plant’s fuel in its Fuel Pool for decades hoping for a more favorable economics in the future to carry out decommissioning. The looming silhouette of the closed plant is a rather unwelcome presence in its host community as is the looming uncertainty of decommissioning cost to the plant’s owner. PPD is a welcome solution for both stakeholders.

Holtec’s decommissioning program promises to modernize dismantling of retired nuclear plants by introducing technical innovations in vessel segmentation, parallel processing, and personnel shielding solutions that will make the site’s march to green fields swift, safe and ALARA (as low as reasonable achievable). To the host communities, a deceased nuclear plant need not be a guest that overstays!