Jim Miller is Of Counsel in the Birmingham office and a member of the Energy Section of the Law firm Balch & Bingham. Mr. Miller retired as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Southern Nuclear Operating Company in the fall of 2011. In that role, he was responsible for the safe operation of the three nuclear plants (six nuclear units) of Southern Company. He was also responsible for the licensing and construction of a Westinghouse AP-1000 near Augusta, Georgia for Georgia Power Company and its co-owners. As a member of the Firm’s Energy Section, his practice generally encompasses public utility law, including the Atomic Energy Act, the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Act, and various other laws associated with the nuclear energy industry. He has extensive litigation experience in matters associated with investor-owned public utilities before both judicial and administrative forums. Mr. Miller is a member of the Edison Electric Institute Legal Committee, and the Public Utility Section of the American Bar Association. He also has served on the Board of Directors for the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, Foundation for Nuclear Studies, the Nuclear Energy Institute (Executive Committee) and Fidelity Southern (NASDAQ: Lion). He participates in various nuclear power industry committees that actively evaluate pending legislation, rules and regulations affecting nuclear energy.

Mr. Miller has served on numerous boards including the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (2008-2011), Nuclear Energy Institute (Executive Committee) (2010-2011), Foundation for Nuclear Studies (2009-2011), Fidelity Southern (NASDAQ: Lion) (2005-2009), Airco Power (present), Orbital Energy Services Corp. (present) and Turbine Generator Maintenance, Inc. (present).

Mr Miller has served as a member of the American Bar Association, American Bar Association (Nuclear Energy Committee–Chair, 1996-2008), Alabama State Bar, U.S. Supreme Court Bar and the Edison Electric Institute.

Mr. Miller’s community service as a board member over the decades, has touched countless lives; viz.: Lakeshore Foundation, Chairman (2003-2004), Justice Served, Inc. (2005-2009), United Way of Central Alabama (Tocqueville Chair – 2003), United Way of Atlanta (Loaned Executive Chair – 2007).