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Test Set-up for the Puncture Drop

HI-STAR ATB-1T Drop Test

A quarter scale model of the cask was subjected to three successive punishing drops in three discrete orientations.

SAFSTOR: 2/22/16 – Pierre Oneid

Holtec International Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer Pierre Oneid joins host Marty Cohn to talk about the work Holtec is doing for Vermont Yankee as well as plants all across the world as they look to move their spent fuel safely into dry cask storage.

Aircraft Impact Test of a Fuel Storage Cask

On August 28, 2013 Holtec International performed an ‘Aircraft Crash Test’ on a scaled model of a HI-STAR 180 transport/storage cask at the United States Army facility, Aberdeen Proving Ground, located in Aberdeen, Maryland. The test was a huge success; all of the body bolts in the containment boundary of the cask remained elastic and there was no breach of the containment boundary.