Dry Cask Loading Services

Dry Cask Loading Services

Dry Cask Loading ServicesHoltec’s dry cask loading services capabilities have steadily grown to serve our clients needs.  As the installer of our own dry spent fuel storage equipment, Holtec consistently capitalizes on its institutional, in-depth design know-how to refine the site services processes, ancillary equipment design and the configuration of dose mitigation devices, as well as the “human factor” aspects of handling equipment to reduce the occupational dose to the installation crew.  The end result is timely, low dose project implementations that save our clients dose and money while allowing them to focus on their core business. Holtec has provided pool-to-pad dry cask loading services of over 130 canisters at utilities in the U.S, This number continues to steadily increase at the rate of 40-60 canisters per year.