Lube Oil Cooler

Manufacturing Overview

Two (2) Replacement Lube Oil Cooler Tube Bundles for a PWR in Florida

Holtec is a nationally recognized manufacturer of large custom-built products for the nuclear, solar, geothermal and fossil power generation sectors of the energy industry as well as the chemical and petrochemical industries. We are proud to be America’s largest exporter of manufactured nuclear systems, structures and components to foreign markets over the past decade, generating much-needed, well paying, high skill manufacturing jobs in our country. At Holtec International, our dedication to innovation and manufacturing excellence is at the heart of our operation. The vertically integrated structure of Holtec allows our designers and fabricators to work closely during project development and manufacturing phases to incorporate lessons learned and implement design-to-fabrication best practices with the primary goals of safety, quality, and cost effectiveness. Through Holtec’s corporate commitment to continuous improvement, significant milestones have been achieved in all three areas.

Holtec Manufacturing Division

Holtec Manufacturing Division (HMD) is one of the largest manufacturers of nuclear and ASME code components in the United States. HMD performs heavy manufacturing of spent nuclear fuel dry cask storage systems and ancillary equipment, as well as heat exchanger components. HMD has a state-of-the-art training program and facility used to qualify and train its welders, as well as field service personnel, and Holtec’s clients.

Reverse Engineered Components

Holtec possess in-house capabilities to design, engineer, analyze, fabricate, construct, and deploy virtually any system, structure or component for our clients no longer wish to procure from the original OEM. Holtec is also versed in enhancing existing SSCs equipment supplied by another vendor that is now an obsolete technology. Holtec has the capability to perform custom fabrication on a 24/7 basis ensuring we meet even the most challenging schedule.

Personnel Safety

Holtec’s QA program encompasses all of its divisions, including all three manufacturing facilities. Holtec’s management is committed to the safety and health of each of its employees and to the principal of injury prevention. Holtec’s motto of “Always Alert, Accident Avert” is ingrained in the shop workers and personnel as the Incident Rates are well below the industry average and our Experience Modification Rate has an average below 1.0.