Innovative Heat Transfer Products


Holtec heat exchangers are engineered to meet the unique demands of nuclear applications such as cyclic loadings and high flow rates. Holtec International’s research and development effort has yielded many technology advances in the field of heat transfer apparatus. Two inventions, the “Non-Segmental Baffles” and “Precision Formed Stakes” have become staples in the industry. Holtec’s anti-vibration tubestakes prevent collisions between adjacent tubes in bundles susceptible to flow-induced vibrations. The non-segmental baffle is a Holtec innovation that protects tube bundles subjected to high volume shellside flows and prevents failure from flow induced vibration.

Non-Segmental Baffles

The Non-Segmental Baffle provides an ideal solution for non-condensable accumulation and resultant corrosion problems in condensers. The Non-Segmental Baffle is a tube support device providing isotropic support to the tube against lateral vibration and permits axial flow of the shellside fluid. Holtec’s non-segmental baffles are a lattice structure of integrally welded stainless steel strips, installed as a replacement or supplement to the standard drilled plate baffles to eliminate tube vibration without affecting the required thermal hydraulic characteristics of the equipment. Non-Segmental baffles are used by Holtec in a variety of heat exchange equipment since 1987.

Precision Formed Stakes (PFS)

The Precision Formed Stake (PFS) is a proven remedial device. The anti-vibration tube stake prevents collisions between adjacent tubes in condenser and heat exchanger bundles susceptible to flow-induced vibrations primarily during retrofit and refurbishment of existing tube bundles. If a tube bundle vibrates, the PFS is a sure solution so long as the bundle is physically accessible. Numerous plants have utilized this device, which has a simple appearance, but a sophisticated technical foundation for preventing tube vibration.