Structural & Seismic Analysis

Structural and seismic analyses are provided by Holtec in the areas of structural dynamics, stress analysis, piping and pipe support analysis, soil mechanics, analysis of reinforced concrete structures, and equipment qualification for any and all kinds of structures and equipment for nuclear power plants. Holtec engineers are also the inventors of a unique computer code which can analyze the stability of equipment submerged under water during an earthquake. A short list of structural and seismic work routinely performed by our experts is provided below:

  • photo-11Structural Analysis
    • Static and dynamic analysis
    • Linear and nonlinear finite element analysis
    • Seismic analysis of structures
    • Elastic-plastic analysis
    • Soil-structure interaction
  • Piping Analysis
    • ASME Class I/II/III and ANSI B31.1 piping qualification
    • Seismic analysis
    • Fluid transient loads analysis
    • Finite element analysis
  • Pipe Support Design
    • Design and analysis of pipe supports and pipe rupture restraints
  • Equipment Qualification
    • Seismic qualification of Category I equipment components
    • Fatigue Analysis Structural integrity – life expectancy of components
    • Heat exchanger tube vibration prediction and elimination
  • Soil Mechanics
    • Design of reinforced concrete structures per the ACI Standards
    • Design of equipment to store and transport nuclear fuel
    • Design of underground structures and foundations
    • Design of heat exchangers and pressure vessels for nuclear power plants