Nuclear Analysis

Holtec’s nuclear engineering experts provide a range of analyses including criticality safety analysis, radiation analysis, radiation transport, occupational and public dose assessments, and preparation of safety analysis reports. A short list of nuclear analysis work routinely performed by our experts is provided below:

  • Radiation Analysisna1
    • Accident Analysis
    • Atmospheric dispersion dose assessment (normal/accident)
    • Radiation transport analysis
    • Shielding design and calculation
    • Equipment qualification
    • Habitability
  • Health Physics
    • ALARA
    • Offsite-dose calculation manual support
    • Plant outage and refueling support
  • Nuclear Waste Management
    • On-site low level waste storage
    • High level waste management
    • High density spent fuel storage
  • Criticality Analysis
    • Requalification of racks with degraded neutron absorbers
    • Rack inserts to regain lost rack storage cells
    • Operational controls for subcritical configurations
    • Burnup credit for transportation casks