SMR Technology

SMR-160 is a 160 MW(e) modular single loop reactor designed to provide safe, dependable, carbon-free power to domestic and global energy markets, while creating thousands of well-paying U.S. engineering and manufacturing jobs in this nation’s economy. SMR-160 offers safe, secure, clean power to global energy consumers, through a product solution optimized for absolute safety and security, minimum land use and affordability.

SMR-160 offers unique and innovative solutions for achieving real enhancements in safety, operations, and performance compared to existing power plant options. The core strengths and innovation of SMR-160 are its inherent safety, security, constructability and simplicity of operation. The SMR-160 design is driven by the principal criterion that all safety significant systems must be powered by natural circulation. Passive in every aspect of its operation, the principal technical mission of SMR-160 is safety and security first. This passive design feature is effective in all operational modes, including off-normal and accident conditions and applies to all safety related systems of the SMR-160.

Innovative features of SMR-160 include:

  • Core located deep underground
  • A Passive Containment Cooling System integrates decay heat removal from the spent fuel pool and reactor core under off-normal conditions, including station blackout
  • Black start capability
  • Large inventory of water around and over the reactor core makes uncovering core infeasible
  • Easy access to critical components for code compliant in-service inspection and testing
  • Simplified refueling operations via a unitary fuel cartridge with integrated underground spent fuel storage for enhanced safety, security and proliferation resistance
  • No penetrations in lower region of Reactor Vessel
  • Reactor coolant is demineralized water (no boron) with a large negative reactivity coefficient

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