Safe and Secure

Designed to provide an unfailingly safe and secure source of clean energy from nuclear fission, SMR-160+ incorporates passive features of its operation to ensure utmost safety and reliability. All safety systems are within containment making them secure from external threats.

Economical and Efficient

Major features of SMR-160+ include its small footprint (3 hectares or 7.41 acres), minuscule site boundary dose, large inventory of coolant in the reactor vessel and its modularity – allowing project owners the freedom to effectively build the number of units to meet current and future demand.

Reliable and Environment-Friendly

One major advantage of the SMR-160+ includes its cutting-edge capability to operate using a standard cooling water system, or an air cooling system in lieu of the large quantity of plant service cooling water. With the flexibility to use air cooled condensers, SMR-160+ can be deployed in the most arid regions of the world.