Randolph C. Bunt is the Manager of Severe Accident Management for Southern Nuclear Fleet, with over 36 years in the nuclear business at Southern Company. 

Mr. Bunt recently a played major role in development of Post-Fukushima guidance on Hardened Vents (NEI 13-02) and Spent Fuel Pool Level Instruments (NEI 12-02) and FLEX Working Group. He is the current Chair of the BWROG Fukushima Response Committee and RCIC Expanded Operating Band Committee. 

Mr. Bunt has held various positions from Manager Engineering Support, BWR Owners Group Chair, Subject Matter Expert for various large components/systems, contract administrator for key suppliers, nuclear support functions, outage coordination and execution leads, and design engineering. In these roles, he planned, scheduled and presided over a variety of activities and meetings; planned and managed budgets and schedules for major projects; interacted with various regulatory bodies; developed and implemented design changes. He has managed the SNC Dry Storage Fleet Program and was responsible for oversight for Vogtle new dry storage facility. He was also previously Engineering Support Manager for Southern Company Nuclear Fleet with the responsibility for Fire Protection, Dry Storage, Seismic, Stress, Vibration and Valve Analysis. 

Mr. Bunt received Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University. He is a registered engineer in Alabama and Georgia, and is a Project Management Professional and Certified Professional Manager. 

Mr. Bunt is active in leadership positions in various engineering societies and industry groups on Professional Engineering, Turbines, Generators, Diesels and Post Fukushima (FLEX, HCVS and SFPLI). He has served as Chair of the EPRI and ASME Power Division committees. He is a member of the ANS Professional Engineer Examination Committee.