Extrusion Presses


7200T extrusion press

  • This extrusion press increases production by allowing for use of larger billets.
  • Typical billet size is 12” (31 cm) diameter by 34” (86 cm) long with a weight of 360 lb (792 kg).
  • A 600MT Automatic Stretcher installed concurrently with the new extrusion press.

Other Extrusion Presses

  • 3300T Sutton serves as the primary extrusion press with a 3000T Wean extrusion press as installed backup.
  • Sintered billets are ready for extrusion into panels.
  • Specially developed and patented extrusion die designs allow for a high level of extrusion directional stability and wear resistance to the abrasive nature of the boron carbide reinforcement.
  • Parameters have been optimized for the extrusion of Metamic HT and are continuously monitored throughout the extrusion process.
  • Currently a 3300T Sutton serves as the primary extrusion press with a 3000T Wean extrusion press as installed backup.

Production Capability for Exotic Aluminum Alloys such as 2219

  • Orrvilon possess a large Despatch bottom drop solution heat treatment furnace, capable of quenching 2500 lbs (5500 kg) of extrusions as long as 20’ (6.1m) from 1200 °F (650 °C) to 100 °F (37 °C) in 5 seconds.
  • Use of the current 300MT automatic stretcher allows for the manufacturing of large cross-sectional extrusion of high strength aluminum alloys such as 2219.
  • The production of large 2219 extrusion parts supports the vertical integration of dry fuel storage canister manufacturing.