Custom Fabrication

Reverse Engineered Components

Outage & Obsolescence Solutions

Providing replacement systems, structures and components (SSCs) to operating nuclear plants during a plant’s outage is a schedule-critical service in which Holtec has established a proven record of performance. Providing clients with a reverse-engineered SSC that improves upon the existing SSC (which may have to be replaced for reasons such as product obsolescence, unavailability of the original supplier, more demanding specification, etc.,) is also a niche specialty of Holtec International.

Holtec actively seeks projects that have a great degree of technical difficulty and demand unimpeachable quality and challenging schedule adherence.

Holtec’s rapid fire outage solution for its clients rests on the formidable expertise of its technical cadre’.  Learn More

Another company organization that works hand-in-glove with the technical experts’ team is the corporate supply chain whose global reach to secure special supplies on a tight schedule is legendary.

To meet the tough demand of an outage schedule, Holtec’s in-house supply chain procures all material (commercial and nuclear grade), to facilitate fabrication on a challenging schedule. Holtec’s primary manufacturing facility, Holtec Manufacturing Division (HMD), operates on a 24 hour per day, seven day per week schedule, if necessary to best serve the needs of Holtec’s clients.