Vertical Ventilated Cask with Distributed Air Inlets for Storing Fissile Nuclear Materials, US 2014/0329455 A1, 2014 (HI-STORM)

Primary Inventor: Krishna P. Singh
Date of Publication: November 6, 2014
Status: Published
Jurisdiction: US, International
Equipment Type: HI-STORM
Docket NumberHOL-056
Publication NumberUS 2014/0329455 A1WO 2013/115881 A2
Application Number: 14/358,032
Patent Number(s):

Related U.S. Publication Data: Provisional application No. 61/559,251, filed on November 14, 2011.

Abstract: A system and method for storing high level radioactive waste, such as spent nuclear fuel.  In one embodiment, the invention is a method of storing high level radioactive waste comprising: a) positioning a metal canister containing high level radioactive waste having a heat generation rate in a storage cavity of a ventilated system comprising a cask body, a cask lid positioned atop the cask body, at least one outlet duct extending from a top of the storage cavity to an ambient atmosphere, and a plurality of inlet ducts, each of the inlet ducts extending from a first opening in the outer surface of the cask body to a second opening in the inner surface of the cask, body; and b) scaling selected ones of the plurality of inlet ducts over time as a function of a decay of the heat generation rate to maintain more a predetermined percentage of a vertical height of the metal canister above a predetermined threshold temperature.