Container for Radioactive Waste, US 2018/0322970 A1, 2018 (HI-STORM)

Primary Inventor: Krishna P. Singh
Contributing Inventor(s): John D. Griffiths
Date of Publication: January 4, 2018
Status: Published
Jurisdiction: US
Equipment Type: HI-STORM
Patent Number(s):
Publication Number(s): US 2018/0322970 A1
Application Number: 16/029,786
Docket NumberHOL-043

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Abstract: A system for storing high level radioactive waste. In one embodiment, the invention can be a system comprising an overpack body extending along a vertical axis and having a cavity for storing high level radioactive waste, the cavity having an open top end and a floor; an overpack lid positioned atop the overpack body to enclose the open top end of the cavity; an air inlet vent for introducing cool air into the cavity, the air inlet vent comprising an annular air inlet plenum and an annular air inlet passageway, the annular air inlet plenum extending radially inward from an outer surface of the overpack body to the annular air inlet passageway, the annular air inlet passageway extending upward from the annular air inlet plenum to an opening in the floor, and an air outlet vent in the overpack lid for removing warmed air from the cavity.