Primary Inventor: Krishna P. Singh 
Date: Nov. 30, 2021
Status: Granted
Jurisdiction: US
Assignee: Holtec International
Equipment Type: Heat Exchanger
Docket Number: HOL-116
Application Number: 16/018,974
Patent Number: US 11,187,471 B2

Prior Publication Data: US 2019/0003784 A1, Jan. 3, 2019

Related U.S. Application Data: Provisional application No. 62/526,13, filed on Jun. 28, 2017

China  Patent No. ZL2018800462204

Abstract: A heat exchanger for severe temperature and fluid flow conditions in one configuration includes a first longitudinal shell, a second longitudinal shell, and a transverse shell extending transversely between the longitudinal shells. The longitudinal shells may be parallel to each other. The shells are fluidly coupled directly together to form a common shell-side space between an inlet and outlet tubesheet. A generally U-shaped assembly of shells is thus formed. The tube bundle has a complementary U-shaped configuration comprising a plurality of tubes which extend through the longitudinal and transverse shells between the tubesheets. An expansion joint fluidly couples each longitudinal shell to one of the tubesheets. The shell-side inlet and outlet nozzle may be fluidly coupled to the expansion joints for introducing and extracting the shell-side fluid from the heat exchanger. In another configuration, the heat exchanger may be L-shaped with tube bundle of the same configuration.