Primary Inventor: Stephen J. Agace
Date of Patent Issuance: November 11, 2014
Status: Granted
Jurisdiction: US
Assignee: Holtec International, Inc.
Equipment Type: Filter Cask
Docket NumberHOL-050
Application Number: 14/534,456
Patent NumberUS 9,047,996 B2

Prior Publication Data:  US 2015/0060705 A1 (Mar. 5, 2015)

Related U.S. Publication Data:

  • Division of application No. 14/118,848, filed as application No. PCT/US2012/038898 on May 21, 2012, published as US 2014/0070118 A1 on March 13, 2014, now Patent No. US 8,884,259 B2
  • Provisional application No. 61/487,823, filed on May 19, 2011.

Also Published as: WO 2012/159119 A1

Abstract: A system and method of transferring a radioactive payload using a shield-gate apparatus, including a method of performing work within a cavity of a shielding container using a shield-gate apparatus and shielding block, in one embodiment, the invention is a system comprising: a shield-gate apparatus comprising a body, a passageway extending along an axis through the body, and one or more movable shielding gates; a shielding block positioned atop the body of the shield-gate apparatus to enclose a first opening of the passageway; and a retaining feature that prevents relative transverse movement between the shielding block and the shield-gate apparatus while allowing relative rotation between the shielding block and the shield gate apparatus about a central axis of the shielding block.