Primary Inventor: Krishna P. Singh
Contributing Inventor(s): Stephen J. Agace
Date of Patent Issuance: October 4, 2016
Status: Granted
Jurisdiction: US
Assignee: Holtec International, Inc.
Equipment Type: HI-STORM
Docket Number: HOL-001
Publication Number: US 2014/0169515 A1
Application Number: 14/189,093
Patent Number(s)US 9,460,821

Related US Application Data:

  • Continuation of Application No. 12/340,948, filed on December 22, 2008, previously published as US 2009/0159550 A1 on June 25, 2009, now Patent No. US 8,660,230 B2

Abstract: A system for receiving and storing high level radioactive waste comprising: an enclosure comprising walls having inlet ventilation ducts, a roof comprising an array of holes, and a floor; an array of metal shells located in an internal space of the enclosure, the array of metal shells being co-axial with the array of holes in the roof so that containers holding high level radioactive waste can be lowered through the array of holes in the roof and into the array of metal shells; the array of metal shells acting as load bearing columns for the roof; and each of the metal shells comprising (i) an expansion joint for accommodating thermal expansion and/or contraction of the metal shells; and (ii) one or more holes at a bottom portion of the metal shell.