Primary Inventor: Krishna P. Singh
Contributing Inventor(s): Richard M. Springman
Date of Patent Issuance:  August 11, 2015
Status: Granted
Jurisdiction: US
Assignee: Holtec International, Inc.
Equipment Type: HI-STORM
Docket NumberHOL-055
Application Number: 14/354,851
Patent NumberUS 9,105,365 B2

Prior Publication Data: US 2014/0247916 A1 (Sept. 4, 2014)

Related U.S. Publication Data: Provisional application No. 61/552,606, filed on October 28, 2011.

PCT Filed: Oct. 29, 2012
PCT No: PCT/US2012/062470
PCT Pub. NoWO 2013/085638 A1
PCT Pub. Date: Jun. 13, 2013

Abstract: A system and method for storing radioactive waste, such as spent nuclear fuel, in one embodiment, the invention is a method of controlling temperature of a portion of a storage system comprising a container loaded with radioactive waste and a ventilated module in which the container is positioned, the ventilated module configured so that heat  generated by radioactive waste causes a natural convective flow of air through, a ventilation passageway of the ventilated module, the method comprising; throttling the natural convective flow of the air through the ventilated module to alter a heat rejection rate of the storage system to compensate for a decreasing heat generation rate of the radioactive waste to maintain the portion of the storage system within a predetermined temperature range.