Primary Inventor: Krishna P. Singh
Contributing Inventor(s): Luke Sobus, Thomas Haynes
Assigned to: Tecnium, LLC
Date of Application: Feb. 28, 2023
Status: Granted
Jurisdiction: US
Equipment Type: Metamic HT
Docket NumberHOL-097
Application Number: 17/084,573
Patent NumberUS 11,590,573 B2

Prior Publication Data: US 2021/0053124 A1

Related U.S. Publication Data:

  • Division of application No. 15/061,542, filed on Mar. 4, 2016, not Pat. No. US 10,843,272 B2.
  • Provisional application No. 62/128,455, filed on Mar. 4, 2015.

Abstract: Described herein are methods of forming a neutron shielding material. Such material may comprise a powder blend
comprising a first component comprising a blend of a first metal particle and a first ceramic particle; and a second component comprising a reinforcing chip, the reinforcing chip comprising a second ceramic particle dispersed within a chip metal matrix.