Deaeration of Makeup Water in a Steam Surface Condenser, US 6,619,042 B2, 2003 (Surface Condenser)

Primary Inventor: Ranga Nadig
Date of Patent Issuance: September 16, 2003
Status: Granted
Jurisdiction: US
Equipment Type: Surface Condenser
Docket Number: HOL-033
Publication Number: US 2003/0061814 A1
Application Number: 09/969,247
Patent Number(s)US 6,619,042 B2

Abstract: A power plant apparatus comprising a condenser for condensing turbine exhaust steam having a steam dome, a steam inlet, a tube bundle, a hot well for collecting condensate, an air removal section, an internal makeup water heater bundle. An internal makeup water header which includes a pipe having spray nozzles arranged counter-current to the flow of steam introduced by the steam inlet is used to introduce heated makeup water into the exhaust stream from the turbine within the condenser.