Primary Inventor: Krishna P. Singh
Date of Patent Issuance: May 1, 2007
Status: Granted
Jurisdiction: US
Assignee: Holtec International, Inc.
Equipment Type: FHD
Docket Number: HOL-003
Publication Number: US 2006/0288607 A1
Application Number: 11/477,189
Patent Number(s)US 7,210,247 B2

Related US Application Data:

  • Division of Application No. 10/318,657, filed on December 13, 2002, now published as Patent No. US 7,096,600 B2

Abstract: The present invention provides a method and system for ensuring that cavities used to store radioactive elements are adequately dried without intrusive measuring. In one aspect the invention is a system for drying a cavity loaded with radioactive elements, the loaded cavity having a free volume (VF), a starting vapor pressure (vPS), and a cavity pressure (PC), the system comprising: a non-reactive gas source adapted to supply a non-reactive gas to the system; means to cool a non-reactive gas to a temperature (TC) thereby drying the non-reactive gas; means to flow the dry non-reactive gas to the cavity, the flow means adapted to introduce the dry non-reactive gas to the cavity at a flow rate R for a period of time (t); and means to remove wet non-reactive gas from the cavity; wherein the non-reactive gas source, the cooling means, the flow means, the removal means, and the cavity are fluidly coupled; wherein TC and R are controlled to achieve a desired vapor pressure (vPD) in the…