Primary Inventor: Krishna P. Singh
Date of Publication: Dec. 22, 2020
Equipment Type: MPC
Status: Granted
Jurisdiction: USA
Application Number: 15/294,896
Patent Number: US 10,872,707 B2
Docket Number: HOL-105

Prior Publication Data: US 2017/0110210 A1, Apr. 20, 2017

Related U.S. Application Data: Provisional application No. 62/242,458, filed on Oct. 16, 2015.

China  Patent No. ZL2016800621786

Abstract: A dry storage systems for radioactive nuclear waste materials in one embodiment includes a canister having a tubular shell defining an internal cavity for storing nuclear waste material, a lid sealably welded to one end the shell, and an end closure attached to a second end of the shell. The end closure includes a base plate having an upturned peripheral annular closure flange. In one embodiment, a circumferentially-extending butt joint is formed between the closure flange and the shell second end which is hermetically seals by a full through-wall thickness butt weld. Various embodiments may further include secondary pressure retention barriers enclosing the canister or select portions thereof most susceptible to failure under certain conditions.