Primary Inventor: Thomas G. Haynes III
Contributing Inventor(s): Martin Walcher, Martin Balog
Date of Patent Issuance: February 12, 2019
Status: Granted
Jurisdiction: US
Assignee: Tecnium, LLC
Equipment Type: METAMIC-HT
Docket NumberHOL-045
Application Number: 15/413,818
Patent NumberUS 10,202,674 B2

Prior Publication Data: US 2017/0130302 A1, May 11, 2017

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Abstract: The invention is a process for manufacturing a nano aluminum/alumina metal matrix composite and composition produced therefrom. The process is characterized by providing an aluminum powder having a natural oxide formation layer and an aluminum oxide content between about 0.1 and about 4.5 wt. % and a specific surface area of from about 0.3 and about 5 m2/g, hot working the aluminum powder, and forming a superfine grained matrix aluminum alloy. Simultaneously there is formed in situ a substantially uniform distribution of nano particles of alumina. The alloy has a substantially linear property/temperature profile, such that physical properties such as strength are substantially maintained even at temperatures of 250 DEG C. and above.