Primary Inventor: Krishna P. Singh
Contributing Inventor(s):  Kalyan Niyogi, Stephen J. Agace
Date of Filing: February 29, 2016
Status: Provisional
Jurisdiction: USA
Equipment Type: CTF
Docket Number: HOL-106

Abstract: It is frequently necessary to transfer a canister loaded with used nuclear fuel (or other so-called “high level waste”) from one cask (also called “overpack”) to another. Such a situation arises, for example, if canisters loaded at a dry storage site in storage-only casks need to be transported to another storage facility. To make the necessary journey, the canister must first be transferred to a transport-certified overpack.  For example, Holtec’s HI-STORM 100 is a storage-only cask (NRC docket #72-1014).  Its transport counterpart is HI-STAR 100 (NRC docket #71-9261). To transport a canister stored in a HI-STORM 100 cask, it is first necessary to transfer it to a HI-STAR 100 transport cask.

The facility consisting of the necessary structures, systems and components (SSCs) necessary to effectuate the canister transfer is herein referred to as the Canister Transfer Facility (CTF). Such a facility, is adequate if the number of canisters being transferred is small and the transfer campaign is occasional. However, if the transfer operation is needed to be continuous and long lasting such as that envisioned for the USDOE’s planned Consolidated Interim Storage Facility (CISF), then it is necessary to devise a CTF which enables a more rapid transfer process.