Project Management

Holtec defines Project Management as the art of marshalling the capital and human resources of the company to achieve the objectives of a project on the prescribed schedule with utmost personnel safety and absolute adherence to the procedures that govern the company’s quality assurance program. At Holtec, deploying the company’s human resources in the most effective manner rests on three crucial factors, namely: (a) a solid set of operating procedures, (b) a well trained staff, and (c) a state-of-the-art information management infrastructure.

The organization and implementation of a project, whether large or small, is carried out by Holtec International in an identical manner to ensure uniformity and a practiced adherence to the structural management format by the project team members. To ensure uniformity in the execution of the company’s projects that are being executed in different cultural settings around the globe the company maintains an active training program drawn from decade of experience. Large projects (defined as those exceeding $50 million in value in the ISO-9001 Quality Manual) are also assigned to a corporate executive sponsor.

The basic elements of Holtec Project Management practice are:

  • All authority with respect to the implementation of the project is vested in the Project Manager.
  • The Project Manager assembles a Project Team, drawn from different Holtec divisions, as necessary, to ensure that the project is suitably resourced.
  • An Adjunct Project Manager named on the project heads the Project Team.
  • The Project Team prepares a Project Plan that serves as the supreme implementation guide for the project.
  • The Project Manager is responsible to maintain complete transparency in the project’s progress through periodic Progress Reports to the company’s Executive Management and the Client.
  • The Project Manager is responsible to conduct a periodic Risk Assessment in projects deemed to be elements of uncertainty (such as availability of materials, subcontractors, or reliance on success of ongoing R&D).
  • Safety, quality, and timely completion, in the order listed above, are the guiding lodestar for the Holtec Project Mangers.

Holtec recognizes that regardless of the specifics of a project, the project objective is the same, namely: absolute client satisfaction. To achieve absolute client satisfaction, the project team must be composed of knowledgeable, conscientious, and service focused personnel and led by a Project Manager who is appropriately empowered and who identifies with the success of the project as a personal vindication of his talents and abilities. For this purpose, each operating division of the company maintains a cadré of project managers who fulfill the above objectives in full measure and who have a proven record of accomplishment for successfully completing dry storage projects.

Holtec International is proud to report the following metrics of the company’s project management performance that have remained valid after decades of operation:

  • There has been no instance of excessive radiation exposure or human injury incidence in any project.
  • No project has ever been cited by a regulator (including USNRC, INPO, etc.) for violation in the design, manufacturing, or site services phase.
  • No Holtec project has ever exceeded the allotted radiation dose for site implementation.