Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Holtec Decommissioning International

Senior Vice President of Decommissioning & Regulatory Affairs, Holtec International

Pam Cowan is the Senior Vice President of Decommissioning and Regulatory Affairs of Holtec International.  She is also the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Holtec Decommissioning International (HDI) and a member of the Board of Directors of Comprehensive Decommissioning International (CDI), a decommissioning general contractor, jointly owned by Holtec and SNC-Lavalin.

Pam has over 25 years of commercial nuclear power experience and came to Holtec from the Nuclear Energy Institute, where she was Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Nuclear Generation. Most of her career has been spent at commercial nuclear power plants, where she has held senior leadership roles in decommissioning, nuclear fuels, licensing, work management, engineering and nuclear oversight. Prior to these roles, Pam held a senior reactor operator (SRO) license and was on-shift as a supervisor in the Salem Nuclear Power Plant control room. She started her career as an engineer at Westinghouse performing thermal hydraulic analyses for nuclear power reactors.

In the areas of Decommissioning and Spent Fuel Management specifically, Pam previously held roles as Senior Director of Decommissioning and Director of Used Fuel and Decommissioning for the Exelon fleet, where she led development of the Exelon management model for decommissioning used in preparation for the Oyster Creek decommissioning. Additional responsibilities included oversight of the Zion decommissioning in accordance with the Asset Sale Agreement between Exelon and Energy Solutions, decommissioning activities of Peach Bottom Unit 1 and Dresden Unit 1, decommissioning trust fund NRC reporting and DOE used fuel settlement agreement annual reporting for reimbursement. In support of broader industry initiatives, Pam led the NEI Decommissioning Rulemaking effort, was a steering committee member of the Decommissioning Plant Coalition and served as Vice-Chair of the EPRI Spent Fuel and High-Level Waste Technical Advisory Committee.

Pam holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering from Georgia Tech, a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from Drexel University and completed the INPO Senior Nuclear Plant Manager Course.