Chief Nuclear Officer of SMR LLC, Vice President of Reactor Technologies

Mr. Tom Marcille is an accomplished nuclear industry leader with nearly three decades of service to the industry. Over the years, he has held Senior and Principal Engineer positions with GE Nuclear, Chief Engineer at Los Alamos National Lab, and Chief Operating Officer and VP of Engineering at NuScale Power. He is currently Vice President of Reactor Technologies at Holtec International with the ultimate responsibility to develop and license SMR-160 , a unique and innovative passive light water reactor system for the emerging global power markets.

A reactor physicist by education and training, Mr. Marcille became the GE-Nuclear Chief Technologist and responsible engineer for control blades, nuclear fuel design and performance, spent fuel criticality and thermal management, nuclear cross-sections and deterministic and stochastic methods. At the Los Alamos National Lab, he was the Chief Engineer, responsible for all Advanced Reactors (design, analysis, physical testing). His responsibilities included development, management, and execution of all commercial, military, and special purpose reactor programs. As the Chief Operating Officer and VP of Engineering at NuScale Power, he successfully managed the startup, staffing, infrastructure, and product design development and engineering solution development, Licensing, Project Management and Quality Assurance at NuScale Power, culminating in the company’s sale to Fluor Corporation in October 2011.

Mr. Marcille’s stewardship of Holtec’s SMR-160 program is all-encompassing including the development and commissioning of the reactor test loop at Holtec’s Technology Campus in Camden, New Jersey which will be a linchpin of the Company’s drive to obtain certification for the reactor by the USNRC and other regulatory jurisdictions on an expedited schedule.

In addition to his leadership role in the small modular reactor program, Mr. Marcille is often called upon, like other proven key company executives, to serve as the Executive Sponsor of large and complex projects.