Seven Roles of the Krishna P. Singh Technology Campus

  1. Establish an invigorating eco-system for catalyzing innovation and thus ensure continuation of Holtec’s technology leadership, by bringing together a critical core of specialists in design, analysis, fabrication, automation and site services in close proximity at the Campus.
  2. Establish a world class manufacturing plant that will employ the latest machinery for computer-aided manufacturing and thus define a new plateau of quality & workmanship.
  3. Serve as the incubation center for scale model demonstration of Holtec’s small modular reactor.
  4. Serve as an engine of Renaissance for sophisticated manufacturing in the region and as an example for the rest of the Country.
  5. Demonstrate that a durable revival of a poor city is possible through infusion of technology, close cooperation between private enterprise, local community leadership, and the state government.
  6. Create a gainful career path for people in the South Jersey region, especially Camden’s residents.
  7. Establish a world class training center for both plant workers and young engineers to strengthen design & manufacturing literacy in the Company’s workforce.