Industrial History of the Land

New York Shipment

The Camden land on which the Holtec Technology Campus (HTC) will stand has a glorious industrial past that paralleled America’s rise as the pre-eminent industrial colossus in the 20th century.

The city of Camden’s strategic Delaware River location and advantages gave rise in 1899 to the establishment of the New York Shipbuilding Corporation. The original plan was to build a shipyard on Staten Island.

Between its founding in 1899 and its closing in 1967, the New York Shipbuilding Corporation built over 600 vessels for the United States Navy, the American Merchant Marine, the Coast Guard and an assortment of businesses.

These ships were the yard’s contribution to the defense of the nation in a century of war and the vitality of the nation in a century of economic growth. Located at what today is the Broadway Terminal in the Port of Camden, the company reached peak employment of about 30,000 workers, during WWII.

After shutting down in 1967, the State of New Jersey created the South Jersey Port Commission to take charge of port operations and development at the Port of Camden.

In 1968, the New Jersey Legislature and Gov. Richard J. Hughes, at the time, changed the form of organization from a commission to the present-day port corporation. This action gave it unique standing both as an agency of the state and an operating business entity charged with operating the Port of Camden and responsible for future development and operation of maritime facilities in the South Jersey Region.

In 1971, the site was reopened as the Broadway Terminal, operated by the South Jersey Port Corporation, which today handles more than 2 million tons of cargo per year, one of the United States’ largest ports.

Historic and Famous Liberty Ships

Kitty HawkCVA63 Kitty Hawk

Commissioned by the U.S. Navy, an aircraft carrier that launched on April 29, 1961. The vessel could displace over 82,000 tons full load with a crew of over 2,900 and could hold approximately 85 planes. Decommissioned on May 12, 2009, the Kitty Hawk is now laid up at Bremerton, Wash.



Savannah1NS Savannah

Commissioned by the U.S. Maritime Administration, the NS Savannah was the world’s first nuclear-powered merchant ship weighing over 20,000 tons. The ship was launched on March 23, 1962 then was laid up in 1972 due to high operating costs.



DaleUSS Dale

Commissioned by the U.S. Navy in 1963, the USS Dale was a 5,670-ton Leahy-class cruiser. After being decommissioned in September of 1994 at Naval Station Mayport, Florida, the ship was sunk as a target of SINKEX on April 6, 2000.



HaddoUSS Haddo

(SSN 604) was an attack submarine commissioned by the U.S. Navy and completed on August 18, 1962. Haddo was decommissioned and recycled on June 20, 1992.




TurnerUSS Richmond K. Turner

The USS Richmond K. Turner was laid on January 9, 1961 by New York Shipbuilding Corporation as one of nine Leahy-class “double-ended” guided missile destroyers. After being decommissioned in March of 1995, the USS Richmond K. Turner was sunk as a target near Puerto Rico as a part of SINKEX.


For more information, visit the Holtec International sponsored website dedicated to the history and heritage of the New York Shipbuilding Corporation.