Holtec’s engineering design group specializes in the design of nuclear waste storage systems and heat transfer equipment for use in the power industry. Holtec’s designers utilize state-of-the-art computer aided design software such as SOLIDWORKS to design and simulate equipment. By working closely with the engineering experts from our in-house discipline group, our fabrication specialists, and our site-service professionals, the designers ensure that equipment designed by them can satisfy all design, and fabrication, and operational requirements.

Using software such as SOLIDWORKS, our designers simulate the equipment placement in the destination location within the plant, facility, or structure. Generating a 3-D model of the equipment within its final location ensures proper fit-up, and avoids tolerance and interface issues during installation. Our comprehensive approach to design ensures the equipment will properly interface with the existing plant structure and equipment with the goal of minimizing or eliminating any modification to the plant structure. Holtec’s designers can also create a complete video simulation of equipment operations including the sequences showing installation and commissioning of equipment. Our designers work closely with the engineering staff to ensure the equipment design is robust and enduring under any environmental condition such as earthquake. A short list of design work routinely performed by our experts is provided below:

  • Conceptual design of equipment for the electric power generation industry
  • Detailed design with input from Holtec’s structural mechanics and fabrication experts
  • Fabrication drawings with input from Holtec’s fabrication facilities
  • Design of equipment to store and transport nuclear fuel
  • Design of underground structures and foundations
  • Design of heat exchangers and pressure vessels for nuclear power plants
  • Utilizes SOLIDWORKS and AUTOCAD for computer-aided design work