Director of Engineering Services, Holtec Asia

Mr. Debasish Sarkar is the Director of Engineering Services for Holtec Asia. He is responsible for managing the structural design, engineering activities, and deliverables for Holtec Asia’s Air-Cooled Condenser projects. He also manages the engineering teams that support the activities of Holtec Asia’s parent company, Holtec International.

Mr. Sarkar is a post-graduate in Civil-Structural Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. He has over thirty years of work experience in civil and structural design as well as multi-disciplinary engineering coordination. Before joining Holtec Asia, Mr. Sarkar worked at Larsen & Toubro, Foster Wheeler, Bechtel and Sargent & Lundy. His expertise covers a number of industries including oil and gas, process, refinery, petrochemical, power, commercial establishments and infrastructure projects. Mr. Sarkar is also versed in multi-disciplinary project coordination, project management and international best-practices for quality control.