Holtec Asia

Holtec Asia Private Limited

Holtec Asia is a Holtec International subsidiary based in Pune, India. Holtec Asia provides design and analysis services to its U.S. parent and also executes turnkey equipment supply contracts for projects in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and North Africa. Holtec Asia owns and operates HI-FAB, a manufacturing facility dedicated to building air cooled condensers in the town of Dahej in the west of India’s Gujarat state. Holtec Asia is led by Mr. Jyoti Chatterjee.

Areas of Core Competence

Holtec Asia is a high caliber provider of engineering services and an elite purveyor of custom engineered equipment to the power generation industry. The Company’s principal areas of demonstrated competence in the two fields are abstracted below:

Engineering Services

Mechanical Engineering

  • Stress analysis of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pipes, valves, pumps and blowers.
  • Mechanical design of heat exchangers & pressure vessels to various international codes and standards.
  • Thermal design of heat exchange equipment and systems including air cooled condensers, water cooled condensers, Feed water heaters and air coolers.
  • Seismic analysis of a wide variety of equipment; calculation of allowable nozzle loads at vessel penetrations.
  • Flow induced vibration analysis of slender members such as tube bundles in heat exchangers.
  • Articulation of detailed flow fields in fluid systems using state-of-the-art computational fluid mechanics codes and methods.

Structural Engineering and Soil Mechanics

  • Soil/ structure interaction analysis of large buildings and components under earthquakes.
  • Long-term settlement analysis of loaded foundations.
  • Stress analysis including seismic and wind load analysis of reinforced concrete structures.
  • Stress analysis of weldments such as bridges, columns and large support structures.


  • Preparation of technical specifications for mechanical equipment and systems to meet client’s needs.
  • Preparation of operating procedures to control safety significant activities such as loading of fuel in dry storage at a nuclear plant.
  • Preparation of quality control documentation for manufacturing and site construction work.

The work product of engineering services, namely reports, calculation packages, procedures, specifications and drawings are prepared and reviewed under Holtec Asia’s rigorous quality assurance program.

Supply of Engineered Hardware

Holtec Asia possesses in-depth technical expertise and management resources to provide superbly engineered and fabricated equipment to the power generation industry.

The specific types of equipment in which Holtec Asia possesses proven expertise are:

  • High and low pressure feedwater heaters
  • Water cooled surface condensers
  • Air cooled condensers
  • Water-to-water tubular heat exchangers
  • Air cooled heat exchangers
  • Pressure vessels made of a whole range of alloy materials.

Holtec Asia’s engineers have full access to Holtec International’s roster of computer codes and the Company’s U.S. Based experts to insure a uniformly high quality technical work product.

Holtec Asia executes its manufacturing orders at a number of allied manufacturing plants in India as well as the Holtec Manufacturing Division in Pittsburgh, PA. Holtec Asia is poised to commission its own plant, named HI-FAB (located in Dahej, India), in September 2015 to manufacture Air cooled condensers. The air cooled condensers shall be made with Holtec’s patented HI-MAX technology which features world’s only stainless steel tubes.

For more information, please visit the Holtec Asia website.