Holtec Decommissioning International (HDI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Holtec International headquartered at the Krishna P. Singh Technology Campus, Camden, NJ. HDI functions as the licensed operator for Holtec owned nuclear power plants and provides the licensee oversight of the decommissioning work that is performed. HDI additionally, manages the decommissioning trust fund and other owner interests, such as licensing strategy, insurance, land and government interface.

Kelly Trice

President, Holtec Decommissioning International

Kelly Trice is president of Holtec Decommissioning (HDI). In this role, Trice has the ultimate responsibility of ensuring safe, regulatory compliant and efficient decommissioning of Holtec’s shutdown nuclear power plants. Current projects include the decommissioning of Oyster Creek Generating Station (BWR), Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station (BWR), Indian Point Energy Center (three PWRs), and Palisades Power Plant (PWR). The ongoing decommissioning at these sites is setting a new bar for environmental protection, worker safety, regulatory compliance and rapid threat reduction. 

Jean Fleming

Jean Fleming

Vice President of Licensing, Regulatory and Probabilistic Safety Analysis

Jean Fleming is vice president of Licensing, Regulatory and Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA) for Holtec’s Corporate Engineering Division. In this role, Fleming leads the Regulatory, Licensing and PSA programs for Holtec Decommissioning International’s decommissioning fleet, SMR-160, and Holtec’s dry storage and transportation program.

William Noval

Director of Regulatory Affairs

William Noval is the Director of Regulatory Affairs for Holtec Decommissioning International (HDI). Noval is responsible for oversight of all regulatory functions across the HDI fleet of decommissioning sites. Noval reports to the Vice President of Regulatory and Environmental Affairs.

Prior to this role, William served as the Senior Director of Employee Concerns for Allied Universal’s Regulated Security Solutions group. Noval has spent over 13 years in the commercial nuclear industry working at PSEG Salem and Hope Creek Generating Stations. Prior to his role as Senior Director of Employee Concerns, he held various positions including Corrective Action Program Coordinator, Nuclear Security Mgr., Licensing and Compliance Technical Specialist and Station Compliance Manager. 

Noval is a veteran of the United States Coast Guard, attended INPO leadership courses and has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. 

Troy Geauthreaux

Chief Financial Officer

Troy Geauthreaux is the Chief Financial Officer for HDI. Mr. Geauthreaux is responsible for HDI’s financial accounting and reporting systems that ensure a sustainable financial business model is maintained for managing decommissioning projects. Mr. Geauthreaux also provides financial information and status reporting for HDI’s Board of Directors. Prior to joining HDI, Mr. Geauthreaux amassed over 25 years in financial and strategic planning in the utility industry for a Fortune 500 company. Most recently, Mr. Geauthreaux worked within the oil and gas services industry for a company that went from a startup to a publicly traded company. Mr. Geauthreaux has a BS Finance from LSU and MBA from University of New Orleans. 

Jeff Dostal

Site Vice President, Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station

Jeff Dostal was named Site Vice President for Holtec Decommissioning International upon finalization of the sale of Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station to Holtec in July of 2019. He is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of spent fuel storage systems as well as decommissioning efforts. Prior to this, Jeff was the Director of Site Decommissioning / Plant Manager under Exelon Nuclear.  He was responsible for the development of the decommissioning management model, regulatory submittals, and ensuring the plant’s safe operation while coordinating an efficient transition into decommissioning.

Prior to Jeff joining decommissioning efforts he was the site Plant Manager, responsible for the day to day safe and efficient plant operation including as well as maintenance, work and outage management, radiation protection, chemistry, industrial safety and human performance, as well as performance of the plants supporting facilities.

Dostal joined Oyster Creek in 1983 as a Nuclear Fuels Engineer and has held Director and leadership roles in the major departments on site including Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering.  Jeff also held positions as Control Room Shift Manager, Shift Operations Superintendent, On Shift Engineer, Outage Manager, Rad Protection / Waste Engineer. 

Jeff graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Nuclear Engineering from the New York Maritime Academy.  He has completed the project manager certification program from Villanova University and the INPO Senior Plant Managers Course. Jeff has held an active Senior Reactor Operator License, a United States Coast Guard License as a Marine Engineer, a United States Coast Guard Captains License, as well as stationery Boiler and refrigeration licenses from the State of New Jersey.

Mike Mlynarek

Site Vice President, Palisades Power Plant

Mike Mlynarek is Site Vice President of Palisades Power Plant for HDI. In this role, Mlynarek is responsible for the site’s decommissioning efforts as well as the safe and efficient operation of the site’s spent fuel storage systems.    

Mlynarek has over 37 years of experience in nuclear power. His career in nuclear power began at the now-decommissioned Big Rock Point Nuclear Power Plant in Charlevoix in 1985, which led to Mlynarek joining the Palisades team in 1988. He has served in many leadership positions at Palisades over the years, including the plant reactor engineer, nuclear operations shift manager, chemistry manager, nuclear independent oversight manager, and most recently, decommissioning manager. As a former evaluator at the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO), Mlynarek served nuclear industry leadership on evaluation and assistance teams at 14 stations throughout the U.S. and at 6 stations throughout Japan, Finland, France, Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates and England.

Mlynarek holds a Nuclear Engineering degree from the University of Michigan, a master’s degree in Management, a Professional Engineer’s license and held a Senior Reactor Operator License for 17 years.

John Moylan

Site Vice President, Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

John Moylan is Site Vice President at Holtec’s Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, Massachusetts. He is responsible for the plant’s scheduled decommissioning. 

Prior to this role, John served as Director of Decommissioning at Pilgrim. 

John has spent over 30 years in the Nuclear Industry at Pilgrim Station. Prior to his role as Decommissioning Director, he held various positions of increasing responsibility including Sr. Mgr., Maintenance, Sr. Mgr., Projects, and Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance Superintendent. 

John has a Senior Reactor Operator Certification. He is also a graduate from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Rich Burroni

Richard Burroni

Site Vice President, Indian Point Energy Center

Richard Burroni is the Site Vice President of Indian Point Energy Center for HDI. He is responsible for the site’s decommissioning efforts as well as the safe and efficient operation of the site’s two spent fuel storage systems. 

Prior to joining Holtec, Burroni was Director of Special Projects and Decommissioning for Entergy, the previous owner of Indian Point, leading the team that developed the site’s decommissioning management team and initiatives.

Burroni began his career in the nuclear industry four decades ago and has served in various capacities of increasing responsibility since joining the New York Power Authority at Indian Point Unit 3 Nuclear Power Plant in 1980. His positions included Technical Services Engineer, Engineering Supervisor for Performance, Assistant Operations Manager for Support, Supervisor Instrument and Control Engineering and Superintendent/Manager of the Instrument and Control Department. Following his role in Instrument and Control, Burroni served in multiple engineering management positions at Indian Point before becoming Chief Engineer for Entergy’s Northern Fleet of reactors. He then returned to Indian Point as Engineering Director. After Entergy purchased Unit 3 in 2000 and Unit 2 in 2001, Burroni was a valuable team member who worked on combining the site’s workforces and cultures into a cohesive team in the early years of 2001-2003.

Burroni received his Senior Reactor Operator license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 1986. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the New York Institute of Technology and a Master of Science degree in Management Science from Pace University.

Jason Day

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Jason Day has provided legal and contract support to Holtec’s decommissioning efforts since they began. Prior to his appointment as General Counsel, Mr. Day worked 16 years for several companies providing technology, goods and services to the construction and energy industries.  He has extensive experience with commercial and government transactions, including organizing joint ventures and developing environmental cleanup and decommissioning projects. Mr. Day received a JD from the University of Wyoming and an EMBA and BA from the University of Utah.